Notecards $6.00 each
5x7 frameable with habitat and behavior tutorials on back of card as an educational reference, printed on matte paper  with deep rich color and clarity.
American White Pelicans NC1-2
Bald Eagle NC1
Frame-able, Educational, Collectable
$6.00 each
Black-capped Chickadee NC1.
Black& White Warbler NC1
Blackburnian Warbler NC1
Blue-winged Warbler NC1.
Cedar Waxwing NC1
Common Yellowthroat Warbler NC1
Eastern Bluebird NC1
Great Horned Owl NC1
Gray Tree Frog NC1
Long-billed Curlew NC1
Magnolia Warbler NC1
Monarch NC1
Northern Cardinale NC1 male, winter
Northern Cardinal NC2 female winter
Northern Parula NC1
Red-breasted Nuthatch NC1
Reddish Egret NC1
Red-eyed Vireo NC1 at nest
Roseate Spoonbill NC2
Saw-Whet Owl NC1
Spiderwort NC1 small bee
Spring Peeper NC1
Tufted Titmouse NC1
Western Chorus Frog NC1
White tailed Deer NC1
All images within the entire site can be made into notecards, these are some of my suggestions: E-mail me with yours.
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Great Blue Heron NC1
Great Blue Heron NC2
Hooded warbler NC1
Hummingbird NC 2
Hummingbird NC 6
Hummingbird NC 7
Red Shouldered Hawk NC1
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Hummingbird NC1.
Hummingbird NC3.
Hummingbird NC4
Black Swallowtail NC1.
Gr. Spangled Fritillary NC1.
Gr. Spangled Fritillary NC2
Common Buckeye NC1
Queen NC1
Red Spotted Purple NC1
Red Spotted Purple NC2
Gulf Fritillary. NC1
Bl. Crowned Night Heron NC1
Limpkin NC1
Glossy Ibis NC1
Great Egret NC1
Great Egret NC2
Snowy Egret NC1
Little Blue Heron NC1
Long-billed Curlew NC1
Solitary Sandpiper NC1.
Purple sandpiper NC1
Tri-colored Heron NC1
Red Knot NC1
Wood Duck NC1.
Sora NC1
Wood Stork NC1
Long-billed Curlew NC1
Reddish Egret NC1
Kirtland's Warbler NC1
Golden-winged Warbler NC1
Florida Scrub Jay NC1
Florida Scrub Jay NC2
Red Knot NC1
Wood Stork NC1
Eastern Towhee NC1
Indigo Bunting NC1
Scarlet Tanager NC1
Kirtland's Warbler NC1
Golden-winged Warbler NC1
Blue gray Gnatcatcher NC1
Palm Warbler NC1
Black-throated Green Warbler NC1
Prairie Warbler NC1.
White Eyed Vireo NC1
Prothonotary warbler NC1
Prothonotary Warbler NC2
Ruby-crowned Kinglet NC1
Warbling Vireo NC1
Eastern Gray Squirrel NC1
Yellow-throated Warbler NC1
Red Eft NC1
Red headed Woodpecker NC1
Pileated Woodpecker NC1
Goldfinch NC1
Downy Woodpecker NC1
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