Calidris albo
Sanderling  Calidris albo

A very active sandpiper, probing and picking vigorously chasing receding waves for exposed crustaceans such as sand crabs and other invertebrates, the Sanderling is one of the most widespread wintering shorebirds in the world.  It is found on nearly all temperate and tropical sandy beaches throughout the world.  Among shorebirds, only the Ruddy Turnstone and the Whimbrel rival its worldwide distribution.
It breeds far above the Artic Circle on dry rocky tundra generally close to ponds and lakes with moss, lichens and low plant growth.
Also relying on staging areas during spring migrations, the Sanderling may also feed heavily on the horseshoe crab eggs of Delaware Bay.
The Sanderling has suffered an 80% loss in population since the 1970’s as a result of the loss of food sources during its migration northward.

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