American Robin  Turdus migratorius
American Robin
Turdus migratorius

This is the most widespread thrush in North America due mainly for its tolerance to human-modified habitats.  However, because the American Robin forages largely on lawns, it is vulnerable to pesticide poisoning and can be an important indicator of chemical pollution. 
The American Robin eats both fruit and invertebrates.  Earthworms are important during the breeding season and fruits are the main diet in the winter.
It can produce three successful broods in one year.  On average, only 40% of nests succeed in producing young, of those only 25% will survive to November.  From there only about half of the robins alive will make it to the next.  Despite the fact that a robin can live up to 14 years old, the entire population turns over on an average of every six years.

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