Although residing in northern Ohio I travel far north to the upper penn. of Michigan, east to the Allegheny mountains and south to Florida.
      Most of my subjects are birds, however I also photograph butterflies, reptiles and amphibians, and wildflowers.
      I basically use all manual cameras and lenses in 35mm format.  You can also find me on Facebook
      Northern Ohio is a very good location to view migrating songbirds and neo-tropicals along the south shore of Lake Erie.  Many of the warblers photos from these pages are taken at Crane Creek in Ottowa County and Headlands State park in Lake County.
My interest in these songbirds has increased my awareness of their needs for survival.  With the ongoing destruction of their rain forest habitat, and the increase in the urbanization in the U.S., it has become our obligation to provide food, shelter, and nesting habitat for them.  We can accomplish this by planting  native berries, shrubs, flowering plants, evergreens and trees.  For information on what is needed to promote the existance of the wildlife in your area contact your local Universities.  In our area, contact Ohio State University Extention's website at

Enter Deepbrook
     Focusing on Birds        Often Heard, Seldom Seen
I share my interest in birding with my wife Kathy, and my daughters, Leyna and Desiree'.  We are avid gardeners, as many of the hummingbirds and butterflies are photographed in our own gardens.  Aside from photography and gardening I  perform original accoustic music at My space and you tube
I do, however encourage you to put an effort forward to help in the protection of these beautiful creatures.
Sincerely,   Mark Tiefenbach
Deep Brook Nature Photography
photo by Jerry Mann
Photo by Tom Tabatowski, May 2000
Daughter Leyna, myself, Charlie Dietrich, Jeff Wolfinger
Photo by: Jonathan N. Garver
      Crane Creek, May 2002
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